Unravel the ronda riddle

Where did the wicked sultan Abbel Malodour imprison the gypsy fortune-teller's beautiful daughter and which key unlocks her cell? Good luck!

...fun for all ages and generations be they families, couples or singles. Everyone will love pitting their wits against the clues...
     ...be a detective for the day solving the cryptic clues as you discover the wonderful old hill town of  Ronda, Andalucia...
...simply purchase, download and print and you're on your way...


Contact: Alec Craven


0034 610 609 340

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It is the year 1478 and The Splendid hill town of Ronda is firmly under the control of the evil, and rather smelly, Sultan abbel malodour who rules with an iron fist from his stronghold palace 'mondragon'. He wants the beautiful Gypsy girl Carmen as his 4th wife but her widowed fortune-teller mother saw her daughter's future if she were to succumb to the wicked ruler's wishes ...and it was not good. carmen fled  into the surrounding mountains and hid for many days before the sultan's men captured and imprisoned her under lock and key. 

your mission is to decipher the clues and find her prison and the correct key to free her from the sultan's evil clutches.

Simply follow the directions and solve the clues. Each resolved word clue must be eliminated from our treasure chest and each correct number clue thrown out of our key box. when the trail is successfully completed you will have your solution.if you want it confirmed simply email or phone in for the solution.

NO MAP or GPS needed

no private property entered

no entrance fees necessary

no knowledge of Spanish needed

approximate length of trial 2 hours

Suitable for all ages from 8 - 88!!


Disclaimer: please remember that You are responsible for your own and your own children's safety.always look out for traffic and other pedestrians.


Riddle Ramble reviews

What great family fun...I'm so pleased we came across this site. We loved seeing old Ronda and all the amazing sites. The children (we have three ranging from 9 to 14) are already asking to do another one. Thanks Riddle Ramble!

Lucy Hambleton, Warwickshire, UK

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